The Maya Project

The Maya Project: a blend of art and academic research portraying the biosocial realities of the Maya in Mesoamerica

The Maya are the largest living group of Native Americans, with 6-7 million members dispersed across what is now Guatemala, Mexico, and Belize. Their present situation bears little resemblance to their ancient origins when their ancestors, highly skilled in mathematics, architecture and astrology, dominated large areas of the Americas.

During 2012 popular interest in the Maya has increased largely as the result of a prophecy, falsely interpreted, claiming that cataclysmic events will occur as a consequence of the end of a cycle within the Maya Long Count calendar. However, in reality, most people do not know who the current Maya are. Many even think that the Maya are extinct.

Loughborough University has a number of scholars with active research links to the Maya people. This project is the product of many years of research and interaction with the Maya people and their culture.

See the project’s vision and mission HERE.


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