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At Moving by Design Press we firmly believe that content is for everyone it only needs to be made available for them to access it. In this modern digital age where almost everyone has access to the internet from their pocket it is now easier than ever to get your research, your ideas, your stories in front of the people that want to read them. Ebooks are a growing part of the book market, and offer authors another way of publishing their work and making it available to a wide international audience


It isn’t just that you can get your pages in front of more eyes, you can now make your content much more visually interesting and this doesn’t just bulk out your content it allows readers to engage in new ways that are more suited to the way they engage with content. Whilst colour pictures and text are nothing new, with the power of ebooks you can also incorporate videos and sounds. No longer do you have to just use a choice image from the video clip you are discussing, you can show your reader the clip directly on the screen. This helps to build and nurture a closer relationship between reader and author, no more reading between the lines, the reader can see and hear exactly what needs to be seen. Similarly have you ever wished you could have narration or music playing on each page? This can all be made to happen.

Ebooks offer a solution for every possible idea, create your travel diary, assemble a cookbook with all your recipes, write a novel or publish a scientific paper. Express your ideas in the way you want.

With more screens in the home than ever before (I’m sat in front of 4 whilst typing this) coupled with the growing desire to be occupied every waking second of the day, books have a new second home, no longer should they just occupy our shelves but our digital shelves as well. Don’t miss out and make sure your content is ready for its digital life.

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